Saturday, June 22, 2002

A dream from 16 Jun 02

I had made a trip to the desert to visit my mother in her new apartment. Things being what they are, I really didn't want to be there and don't know why I went. It was very cloudy - like a thunderstorm was brewing.

She mentioned she bought a car. This is highly unusual because my mother doesn't drive. I supposed she was expressing her independence. It was a bright purple/pink VW Beetle - one of the older ones, like a 70's model.

The car wasn't running, however. The palm tree that was planted in the middle of it and sticking up through the sun roof was dying - almost dead, she insisted. She also insisted that the car couldn't be driven unless the palm tree was replaced.

It was a $1500 replacement part and she didn't have the money to buy a new one. I commented something like, "How interesting." (In the past, I would have offered to buy her a new one.) This obviously irritated her.

Finally she came out and asked me to buy her a new palm tree so her hot purple VW Bettle would run. Her reasoning was that I have lots of money now. I told her to go get herself a cover for the sun roof. It would be cheaper. I also explained to her that my money is invested and I can't get to it. She was very angry with me.

She wanted a new palm tree.

I left her there in the desert, palm tree-less.