Tuesday, July 02, 2002

I dreamed I was meeting a group of people for a business meeting in the upstairs of the Mattel Design Center where I used to work. The meeting was for my current job, however. I greeted the customer we were meeting with in the lobby. I told him I used to work in the Design Center and asked him if he wanted to look around. He agreed. I asked Shirley at the desk for a pass to visit my former coworker Jeannie Sanchez.

When the pass door opened, the inside of the Design Center had changed significantly. They were apparently doing some testing on some new arcade games, so the first part of the center was covered in darkened tents and people were inside the tents playing the games. We looked around. I got a little lost and confused in the tents. I saw a former coworker, Michael. I asked him how to get to the Sound Design Studio from where we were and he told us.

When I got out of the tent I looked at the clock on the wall and realized that we had missed our meeting and that I was already late for my second meeting that day. The second meeting was to start at 1:00 pm and it already was 1:00 pm. I figured I was fired. We met up with the other people from the meeting in the hallway and they were making copies of the presentation I was supposed to give. I accepted the fact that I was probably fired. I decided to hop in the elevator and go to the meeting room and see who was left up there from the meeting.

The dream morphed into one of those elevator dreams again where I keep taking the elevator but am never able to get to where I want to go. I then decided to get this guy to come up with me to the top floor and mess around. He kept getting distracted on the way, so I decided to leave him and go do something more interesting.

I was wearing my sarong and decided to go jump in the pool at the top floor where they were giving a show. I knew I didn't belong there. It was really high class and I really didn't fit in. And, my sarong kept opening up and exposing me, which made me double uncomfortable. That, and the people surrounding me kept looking at me weird because I was making repairs to my seat (changing out the light bulbs and things), when normally "service people" would have been doing the repairs. (Why we were sitting on chairs that lit up with light bulbs in the shallow end of the pool is another issue altogether. It was a pretty effect, though.)