Friday, July 12, 2002

Mind Sapping of our Youth

I had a scary experience this morning when I dropped my kid off at his day camp. I walked him in, as usual, and noticed a group of children over by the television completely absorbed. I walked over and looked at what they were watching. "Is this Sailor Moon," I inquired. I got no response. A little louder I said, "Hey, guys, what cartoon is this?" Several of them looked at me with dull stares and open mouths. One had enough cognitave ability left to shake her head no in a fashion that meant she didn't know. The others ignored me completely.

It's like something sapped their little brains. It's like they all had lobotomies. I gave a horrified look to the camp leader, but she just shrugged. I made a comment about "The Stepford Children" and walked out.

Thank you to the powers that be that I never let my kid watch more than two hours of TV a day. I'm grateful that he would rather go outside and play than veg in front of the boob tube. How sad am I to have witnessed what has become of our youth. How powerless I feel to change it.