Thursday, August 08, 2002

Ever have one of those weeks?

Well, it's been one. Monday night I took my car to the dealer for service, rented a car, and made dinner. I got up early on Tuesday to make a hot breakfast for the kid and discovered the oven is broken. Minor inconvenience.

Tuesday afternoon my service advisor calls to let me know - in detail - that it's going to cost more to fix my car than the car is worth. Okay, no biggie, I'll buy a new car - but I have to get my ex to sign off the title. I'm in California. He's in Michigan. I had to pay big bucks to overnight the papers to him and provide an envelope so he can overnight them back. A little stressful, but manageable.

Then, Wednesday, I met with my customer counterpart to find out what kind of extra work they're going to kick our way. I got a pretty good idea, but nothing definite. Then he tells me he'll probably be issuing a stop work order on one of our jobs.

Today I broke the news to my boss. He was pissed. Livid. I'm the bandit who pissed in his Post Toasties this morning. Yep. If we lose the job, well, ... he let me know it's a big one, and if we lose it without getting work in its place, well, I'll be out of a job and so will a couple of my coworkers.

Okay. I've had enough.

Tomorrow things have to get better. No matter if I get the paperwork or not, I'm getting a new truck - Tomorrow. No matter what, the kid and I are going to plan a trip to the desert to watch the meteor shower - Tomorrow! Tomorrow is another day. Yes, Scarlet.