Thursday, August 22, 2002

I had a bit of a trippy experience last night. A guy I've had lunch with a few times called me up yesterday morning and asked me to dinner. So, I got dolled up a bit and got to ride in the big Mercedes to La Jolla. I don't know if you've ever been there, but La Jolla Cove is really neat to walk around in. There is a family of seals that live in the cove so we walked down to see them.

The path to get there is this really skinny railed sidewalk that's way up above the surf. We were laughing and talking on the way down to see the seals and we had to make our way past a Filipino family that was coming up up the sidewalk. Right in the middle of this family group was a guy I had dated for a while when I first got here who led me on to the point of intimacy and then told me he was going to go visit his ex girlfriend in New Mexico the next week [Yes, he was promptly dumped]. He looked really unhappy, wasn't with a girlfriend, and didn't say hi. Life is funny sometimes.

I had a pretty good time. My date is interesting, affluent, artistic, gentlemanly within reason, attractive, well-off enough to have financed a 40-minute movie that he directed and edited himself, takes care of his geriatric mom, exotic, a celebrity in his community, and I don't feel a thing for him but curiosity. It makes no sense at all. Yep. Life is really funny sometimes.