Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Life Happens

So I put my wee one on a plane back to his daddy yesterday. It's been a long time since I've cried in public. I was a blubbering idiot for a couple of hours. I managed to make it through the work day, but productivity was really low on my part.

I also managed to piss off a friend. I'm learning that it's better to just agree with some people when they argue for their limitations and self-perceptions instead of trying to convince them otherwise. I hope we can resolve this one.

To top off my lovely day, I went to my favorite little pub for a glass of wine and conversation and ran into a couple of the local boys there. They asked me to go to Pete's with them right down the street and since I had never been I agreed to go. It's a dive. I would never go in there alone. I noticed a guy across the bar from where we were all sitting who I had met before in my little pub. He made quite an impression on me back then - he was leaving as I was coming in. He said hi and walked out the door. Two minutes later he walked back in and right up to me and introduced himself and told me that he just had to come back in and meet 'this beautiful lady' and apologized that he had to leave. I thought that was pretty cool. So, I noticed him and he noticed me in this dive and we kept making eye contact throughout the evening.

Eventually, the local boys decided to go get stoned and I declined the invitation as usual, which left me all alone in this dive. I was getting ready to get out of there when 'the guy' invited me over to help him choose some music on the jukebox. It was our first opportunity to really talk to each other. Chemistry. Pure chemistry. He smelled so good. He's one of those people who naturally does, and he accented it with Patchouli. I can't remember what we talked about exactly, but there was definitely mutual interest and compatability.

We talked about half an hour before he finally told me that when he had introduced himself to me a couple of months ago he was single and he was now seeing someone. I told him that I appreciate his honesty and left.

I'm glad I'm starting school soon. It will be a lovely way to get a life.