Sunday, October 20, 2002

*** YEEE HAWW ***

Went to see Southern Cutlure on the Skids last night at the Casbah in San Diego.

The 45's opened for them. They were good, but they did a lot of covers. I prefer original music. They got the place jumping, though.

I thought S.C.O.T.S. was pretty jammin. Their stage appearance is hysterical - with the female vocalist and guitar player wearing a big ol Dolly Parton wig and the keyboardist looking like something straight out of Deliverance. They really won me over, though, when they started playing their fried chicken song Eight Piece Box. They had groupies throwing chunks of fried chicken into the audience. All of these bouncing drunks on the dancefloor were getting pummled with fried foul projectile.

They rocked the house for an hour and a half. It was probably the best $23 I've spent in a while.