Saturday, November 23, 2002

Feminine Jobs

Maybe I should be glad that I'm a femmy woman, but I just can't help but get a little annoyed when some guy tries to guess my job. I never ask them to guess my job. They, for some reason, think it's cool. Of course, none of them ever guess right.

So far, they've guessed Legal Secretary, Court Reporter, and Travel Agent. None of these, you will notice, are leadership-based. All are considered 'feminine' careers that 'smart chicks' usually choose - at least the Legal Secretary and Court Reporter gigs.

I once had a guy suggest to me to move to Alaska. There's lots of work up there for you, he reasoned, and then proceeded to give examples. I could work at WalMart, Longs, and other shopping places they were developing outside the larger cities. I asked him what these career options had to do with military aviation.

These were all younger guys, too. My age or in their early 40's. It makes me wonder just how far equality has come. Based on this observation alone, I would have to say we've not come very far.