Thursday, January 22, 2004

On the State of the Union Address:

Dubbya only said, "nook-ye-ler" four times this year as apposed to the 17 times he said it during the last SotUA. That's improvement, I guess.

He only said "Terra" once. Yes. The War on Scarlett O'Hara's mansion. Film at 11.

Funny how the man who doesn't know an asteriod from the 7th planet is preaching about sending an American to Mars. Political move!

I was wondering why there was a football player in the audience. I read yesterday on the Drudge report ( that they placed him there to rally support of sports lovers. They figured the image of this popular football player applauding Mr. Bush would make sports lovers want to vote for Mr Bush.

Next he'll be campaigning on stage with bikini-clad supermodels. The Bush Girls. ... okay, that's way too easy. I'm not continuing on with that thought.