Monday, January 12, 2004

What is this fear? Why are you hesitant to tell him? He's your employer, not your father. You can bear to let him down. Why? He would lay you off in a New York minute if he had to. Still you are reluctant. You're dreading it. What is the worst he can say to you? Don't you feel you are doing the right thing? You know you are doing the right thing. Relax. It's business. Not personal. The sooner you get it done the sooner it will be over with. Then why do I feel like I want to puke? This is residual from some past event. Some childhood trauma. Are you going to let that trauma stand in the way of your new life? Are you going to let those old ghosts make you cower in the corner while life goes on without you? That's all they are. Ghosts. And you know that ghosts can't hurt you. Trust yourself. Calm down. You're fine. Now, go do what you have to.