Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Note to Self: Update the Web site tonight (http://www.lionflower.com) with information about how to save the Hubble telescope.

Write to Congress representative and ask her to cosponsor House Resolution 550 - to save the Hubble.

Write to Congress rep's Legislative Aid in charge of Space Policy and request the aid to ask the congress rep to sponsor 550.

Create a link on the Web page so visitors can find their Congress representative (http://www.visi.com/juan/congress/).

Hubble is a $4 billion instrument that provides significant data to all humans about ourselves and our origins. We don't need a new telescope; the replacement parts to keep the Hubble operational have already been tooled. The proposed replacement doesn't do half the job of Hubble, and it would cost significantly more than a shuttle trip and the replacement parts.

Ask yourself: Why would the President choose a high-risk, high-cost project like sending an American to Mars, the benefits to humanity still obscure when he could choose a low-risk, low-cost project like repairing the Hubble?