Friday, June 04, 2004

Out with the old ...

My computer was four years old. It was a Dell refurb from a long time ago. Though top of the line at the time, by today's standards it was a dawg.

Still, that computer and I had a lot of history. I telecommuted on that computer during the glorious days of the dotcom. I created the pages for my first Web site on that computer. I spent hours polishing resumes on that computer. That computer housed pictures of my son, snapshots of my lovers, financial plans, dreams, thoughts, memories, disappointments, heartaches, and hope.

I moved that computer four times. It served me well. It was only the other day that it started to behave strangely; it refused to recognize any serial port, and the printer only worked intermittently. It could still hook up to the Internet just fine, but processing was kind of slow.

I had to retire it.

Now, I'm getting used to a new machine. It's been many, many moons since I've had a new personal machine. It's a nice, fast one that came with a flat screen monitor and a couple of cool little sexy speakers. The keyboard is very comfortable and the processor just screams. All of the old files are back, too - the pictures and the notes - but they seem outdated, historical, and a little obsolete, now. Like my old computer.