Monday, June 14, 2004

What America? What Freedom?

by Eric Kralicek, 13 Jun 04

'I'm wondering when the real culprits will be charged? I'm wondering why America isn't outraged by the inexcusable arrogance and endless atrocities that the Bush administration has orchestrated since 911? I'm wondering why Ashcroft isn't in jail right now, awaiting trial over his unlawful actions which have evoked such disgraces upon the American people by suggesting that, we as Americans can even consider torture as a viable alternative to following the laws of our own government?'

'I'm wondering why the press, instead of reporting the news, goes about telling people what to think and who to believe? I'm wondering what ever happened to that country I served as a Marine to protect? Why are we willing to give up freedom? Why are we willing to let our leaders decide what laws they can break in the name of "war against terrorism" and who they can throw in jail without a fair trial or even the right to say if their innocent.

'I'm wondering why patriotism now means "blind trust in the government" and democracy means "government for the ones who have the money to buy it".'

'I'm wondering why we have no money to pay for healthcare in America but freely offer it to Iraq?'

'I'm wondering why, and I get nothing from the press, our government, or anyone else that should be answering these questions. All I get is a country I no longer understand or respect. It is time for America to wake up and start participating in our democracy; questioning authority, and demanding answers. America is about Americans not democrats or republicans. The sooner America regains what has been lost, the sooner we will start feeling better about ourselves. America wants answers. I want answers. I want an America I can be proud of.'

Amen, brother!