Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I'm on this crazy new diet. It's called, "Eat Less, Exercise More, and Don't Get on the Scale." We'll see how it works. Hmm.

Summer was crazy. I just had time to get used to the kid being here, and now he's back in Michigan. sigh. Now I'm trying to get used to a new normal.

Work really pissed me off last week. I had projected leave like 4 weeks in advance so I could have the day off before and the day of his leaving. All management was gone that week except one guy who was leaving the project, and he wouldn't assign anyone to help me with a deliverable, so I had to give up most of my time off. I worked half a day Wednesday and all of Thursday.

It was brutal. I was really angry and really sad and grieving all at the same time. Just an emotional wreck. Fortunately, I have some really good friends at work who were very understanding and supportive. That really helped the transition. Also, my love was stellar throughout, and I came through it much better this time - even though my time off got screwed.

I seem to be managing change much better, now, and it's all because I allow people to help me. I have good, supportive friends.

Life really is getting better all of the time.