Thursday, March 11, 2004

Apparently, some people have never given themselves the opportunity to get to know any gay couple. I know gay couples who are much better parents than many hetero couples I know.

There are plenty of children who need to be adopted by loving, stable parents. I know several gay couples who would be excellent parents for any child. Wouldn't that be the definition of a family?

I know a gay couple, one of the partners was married to a hetero because she was trying to be "normal," and was miserable as a result. After the divorce, she received custody of the children. Those kids have lived with her and her female partner for the last ten years and are bright, well adjusted, responsible teenagers who are getting ready to grace our society as open-minded, educated, sound adults.

The fact is, gays raising children, having households, and long-term, committed relationships is not a new thing. It didn't just happen, and it's not waiting to happen, it's already happening. They're already sharing lives like a married couple would.

How sad that if one of them ends up in the hospital, unconscious, on her deathbed, the other partner can't tend at the bedside. WHY? Because they are not married. They're just "partners." Cohabitating adults. So what if they've shared 15 years of monogamy in a healthy relationship.

How sad that when one partner dies, the insurance and other benefits go to relatives and not the committed partner. Why? Because they're not married. So what if the children think of the other partner as another mom, and so what if the children's father is in prison. The kids will go be a burden on some other relative because custody cannot be given to the other partner. She can't adopt the kids. Why? They weren't married.

The fact is, many gay couples are already behaving as if married. They're sharing the same responsibilities that married heterosexuals do. The mortgage. The bills. Picking up the kids from soccer practice. But, they don't get any of the survivor benefits, tax breaks, or other benefits that married hetero couples enjoy. For the sake of the children they are raising, I say give them the benefit.

Allow them to have their commitment acknowledged legally. Tax the crap out of them like every other married couple. Commited, gay couples are not going to go away just because marriage is proclaimed to be between only a man and a woman.

God is love. God is limitless. Love is limitless.