Thursday, April 28, 2005

Child Custody. The beginning.
I received papers today telling me that on 17 May, in Michigan, there will be a hearing to decide what child custody I get for my own son.

My ex told me I was getting "something" in the mail from his lawyer. The coward didn't tell me he was taking me to court. Just like he didn't tell me he was making changes to the divorce agreement in court without me being there, giving him physical custody of the child permanently when it was only supposed to be a temporary arrangement, and the sueing me for child support.

I'm moving this weekend. I just bought a house. I just spent over a thousand dollars on vacation in Michigan to visit my son for his spring break. I'm now scrambling to find representation in Michigan and a way to pay for it before the 17th. That's only two and a half weeks away.

Until this year, I have never allowed anyone to speak badly about my ex husband, the father of my son. He has shown me, however, that he is a man without honor and without integrity. The saddest thing of all is that Blayne now knows it because he is seeing for himself what his father is doing.

I can use all of the positive energy I can get right now.
I'm going to fight this.