Thursday, August 18, 2005

Beetle Ghost?

I was driving to work in the right lane of the freeway and I came up on an older VW Beetle in the second lane. It was primer red but in pretty good shape; obviously in the throes of being lovingly restored. As I approahed on his right, I could hear the defining whistle of the German engine. Then things started to get weird.

I noticed that as I passed the Beetle, I didn't get the expected Doppler effect from the sound of the whilstling engine. I looked in my side view mirror. No Beetle. I looked in my rear view. No round headlamps anywhere. I figured he must be in my blind spot, even though I couldn't hear him, and so I sped up a little. He still wasn't in my side view or my rear view. He wasn't anywhere to be seen at all! Just before my exit, I slowed way down hoping that the mystery Beetle would catch up with me. It never did.

The thing and his dark haired driver just simply disappeared into thin air.

The strange thing is that my mind immediately wanted to dismiss it. My logical brain kept offering practical solutions for the disappearance, and my creative brain seemed willing to accept the explanations offered - but I wouldn't let it go. No. This was real and it was strange, and I'm not going to let it be suppressed by whatever-it-is in my head that needs to have a normal day.

And, now you're afflicted, too.