Friday, April 22, 2005


Well, they're getting noisier and bigger. I snapped this photo last night while Mom and Dad were away from the nest. Big difference in a very short time! I guess they will be big enough to fly away soon. I hope we get to see it.

Oh! And there are four! (at least?) We thought there were only 3 because that's all we could see last time. There were originally six eggs, and I didn't see any broken ones around the lanai ... so I wonder where the other two are. ???

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Well, Fish and Game called back yesterday. It seems our troubles are over. Our little babies will fledge way before we move out. I hope it's over the weekend so we can watch them flap their little wings for the first time. This might be a rare opportunity to get some action photos of a baby bird's first flight.

This is such a relief. My man and I were trying to figure out all kinds of ways to transport both momma and babies to the new house if we had to ... visions of aviaries danced in our heads.

Well, we have enough to do.
Check back for more pictures, though!

Monday, April 18, 2005


I left my painting easel out on the lanai for a couple of months so I would have somewhere well-ventilated to paint in oils. Well, I hadn't used it for a while because we are buying a house and the escrow process has kept us hopping.

On Easter Sunday, I went outside to get the easel and clean it up a bit so I could pack it. The drawer was stuck and when I forced it open a little I saw all of these leaves and sticks crammed in there. Strange, I thought. So I went around to the back side of the easel to open the hinged top of the drawer. As I barely cracked the drawer open, a bird flew out! There, on the inside, was a hearty nest and six peach, speckled eggs.


A week ago the eggs hatched, and now there are three new baby house wrens in the world.

We're moving in 11 days and we're not sure what to do. Project Wildlife says it's illegal to move a bird's nest, and they won't come out to rescue the babies, and Fish and Game hasn't return my call.

Being nature lovers, we are in quite a bind. We're kicking around possible solutions, but we're not decided on what to do, yet ... and the clock is ticking ...