Thursday, October 06, 2005

Gulf Coast
So, I'm going on travel to Mississippi for work next week. I had to get a couple of vaccinations because of the conditions. Word is that there aren't many restaurants open, and the ones that are open usually have really long lines. Could be worse.

I was going to stay aboard ship in a "state room," but they're not letting civilians eat on board. I guess all of the extra money for rations was spent helping hurricane victims, and rightly so. Anyway, staying aboard would have meant hiking a mile out to my car every time I needed a meal and then driving around to find a restaurant.

Fortunately, my colleague hooked me up with a hotel not far from the shipyard. At least I'll have a shower every day and a better chance of getting a hot meal. I just now tried calling the hotel to make sure the amenities listed on the Web site were the ones I could expect in my room. The line was so full of static that I couldn't tell if the recording was messed up or whether it was a bad connection. Repeat attempts gave the same result. I guess phones aren't working too good down there, yet.

It almost feels like I'm going into a war zone. I'm going to take the digital camera and the sketchbook for some off-duty activity. Whew!