Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Flightline Survival Recipes
Recipe #1
Crew Chief Mocha

You’re working the graveyard shift and your plane isn’t due in until 3:30 AM. How do you stay awake when that 2:30 AM lull hits you? Head on down to the 24 hour cafeteria in the terminal and make yourself up some of this brew. It’ll get you through.

16 oz coffee that’s been sitting on the burner at least two hours.
1 to 2 packets of powdered hot cocoa mix (marshmallows optional)

Choose the big size cup. Pour in the coffee. Add the hot cocoa mix. Stir to blend. Add more coffee or cocoa mix to taste. Convince the cashier that it’s only hot cocoa so she doesn’t charge you for both. Enjoy!

Recipe by: Joe Toup