Friday, February 03, 2006

You're never going to make changes from the outside looking in. Real change occurs when you submerge yourself in that which you wish to change. To change it, you must become a part of it. Remember, too, that it is an exchange, not a one-sided thing - the thing you wish to change will change you as well.

Many pagans express outrage or call me a hypocrite because I was ever in the service. I understand their objection to the military. After all, the military kills people. The military is a necessary evil; without it, we would be overrun by other countries who would change our way of life. This means our religious freedom and our basic human rights would be at stake.

Personally, I love my religious freedom, and while I was in the military I chose to express my religion in subtle ways. Because I was a good troop, I presented a positive image to others who had never heard of a pagan or a Wiccan. Wicca was the religion declared on my dog tags. Some people thought I was just strange, but I did enlighten a few and I changed a couple of minds about the religion. I even gave the prayer at the Airman Leadership School graduation ceremony for my class. I think I did a lot of good while I served. And, I believe my service was good. I changed the military just a little bit. It changed me a lot. In good ways. In both directions.

Now, I'm looking at government. We holler loudly on the outside about it. We don't like the way things are done in this country. But, to change it, we have to become a part of it. It's the only way to be successful. So, when are you going to get involved?