Monday, July 17, 2006

Beginning Days
These are the beginning days. These are the days we will remember, the days we will speak of to our grandchildren, if we're still around to have grandchildren. There is anxiety in every American voice. Anxiety and fear. Callers in to talk show hosts, coworkers, and grocery store clerks all express concern over current middle eastern events. The tension of the world is so thick it can be felt in the very air we all breathe. The entire population of the world is breathing shallowly, hesitantly, as if stressed. Decades of anger and resentment are being released in the form of missiles and rockets. Old wounds are being reopened and salted with the blood of brothers, sisters, mothers, children, uncles, fathers, and friends. The G8 stands as one, but the posture is slouched, and the message is weak and does not touch those who are deafened by their own vengence. These are the beginning days that will shift the world into segments, solidifying alliances and breaking others. These are the days that will change the world forever.