Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Einsteinian Fashion Philosophy for Women

I'm an admirer of Einstein. Who isn't, right? When it came to fashion, Einstein didn't mess around with "what am I going to wear today." He was well known for having several identical suits of clothes in his closet so that every day he didn't have to waste brain power trying to decide what matched. He just picked the next outfit of the rack and out the door he went.

Well, I'm no brilliant physicist, but I am hella busy, and I don't have time in the morning to stand there in the closet trying to figure out what I'm going to wear. I have a vanpool to catch! Nor can I buy several identical outfits and just pull the next one off the rack. #1, they would take away my girl card. #2, all of my gay friends would disown me. #3, I would personally dislike to wear the same thing every day.

So, I've adapted Einstein's fashion concept for little femmy me.

Just about everything in my work wardrobe goes with something else in my work wardrobe and just about everything is interchangable. I choose the color of the season and then work around that. Here's how it goes:

I have a white pinstripe shirt with blue, tan, and brown in it.
I have a white pinstripe shirt with pink, tan, and brown in it.
I have a tan camisole/shirt.
I have a burgundy print camisole/shirt.
I have a brown peasant skirt.
I have a knee-length brown and tan straight skirt.
I have gray slacks.
I have blue slacks.
I have a professional brown blazer.
I have a trendy brown blazer.
I have brown square-toes pumps.
I have brown trendy pointed-toe pumps.
I have black slip on mules.
Coordinating jewelry in conservative or trendy styles.

I also have another set of work clothes that goes together in a different fabric/color set:
I have a couple of stretchy black shells.
I have a stretchy olive shell.
I have a teal sweater top.
I have a teal blouse.
I have a long, stright burgundy skirt.
I have long, stretchy black slacks.
I have a short, stretchy black skirt.
I have a black cardigan.
I have a burgundy over jacket.

Every weekend I make sure everything is washed and neat and ready to wear for the next week. Then, I group tops, bottoms, and outterwear in the closet. The only decisions I have to make in the morning are 1. conservative or trendy, 2. skirt or slacks. Everything else just falls into place because whatever I choose works.