Friday, October 06, 2006


I love Fridays at work. Everyone jokes a little more. Everyone smiles a little easier. Everyone talks about the week and what they have planned for the weekend.

I think part of the spirit of the day is the fact that we only work four hours on Friday (well, those who aren't management or supervisors. I usually work 6 to 8). The rest of the days we work at least 9 hours, so when Friday comes around it's almost a holiday-like atmosphere.

The guys often wear college jerseys or shirts from their favorite sports teams. They talk loudly about the games and who sucks and who's going to take the pennant, series, etc. Gals dress down fashionably with designer jeans and stunning jackets or outfits you just can't wear during the week. Jeans are everywhere.

People play music in their cubes. People stand up on chairs and talk over the cubicle walls to their neighbors.

Stuff gets wrapped up, signed off, and kicked out the door. Aaaahhhhhh! One less thing to think about over the weekend.

Then, when you get to leave work after only four hours, there's the added benefit of feeling like you're playing hookey. You can go shopping, run errands, take in a game, go to the beach, or go home and take a nice long nap.

Yep. Fridays sure are nice around here.