Thursday, June 29, 2006

Band Names
Here is my most current Top 5 List of phrases that I think would make great band names:

5. Sneakers in the Dryer (a friend was referring to the music that comes from lowrider trucks)

4. Mop Slapped (a coworker was describing what happened to a man who was trying to convince his new Chinese wife that even though the carpet is dirty she should not use a mop on it)

3. Wierdos in Oshkosh (a friend in a chatroom was describing the new Goths who had moved into his neighborhood)

2. Toxic Octopi (a bunch of coworkers were chatting about sushi)

1. Tin Whisker (I read about these in a white paper generated by the engineering department that described a phenomenon that was causing short cirucits in satellites and other space-living technologies)