Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm very proud of myself. I have handled the visit from my customer without getting too stressed out. I even helped coordinate a huge event that occurred right in the middle of my two-week customer meeting, and I managed to get through it all without outbursts of anger or frustration. This week is, by far, more challenging than last week, but I don't feel like I'm in it alone, and I don't feel overwhelmed. This shows me that I've grown a lot over the last year.

During last years week-long customer meeting I was a complete basket case at home and at work my frustration certainly showed through. That meeting wasn't as tough as this one.

Other things are going on, too. I have to take a guy to small claims court because he rear ended me on the freeway and the damage is less than my deductible, so my insurance won't pay it. I also have to deal with an issue concerning my son. Minor, but it adds to the pile.

Previously, all of these things would have overwhelmed me.

So, today, June 26th, 2007, I celebrate my personal growth.