Friday, October 26, 2007

Evacuation Day 6.

Well, as of yesterday evening, we are allowed to go home. We are allowed to go home because we Ramonans are a feisty people. There is no electricity and no water. The earliest we will have these services is Sunday. But, that doesn't stop a Ramonan.

There's a reason we live out there in the country. Many have wells and generators. They'll be fine. The rest of us are adaptable; we just want to check on animals and plants left behind. Many of us have livestock and crops or large gardens. Not everyone had time to take care of all living things before the fire swept through.

And, the sooner we start clean up, the better.

There's nothing like your own bed.

So, we will depart our OC cage, hit Sam's Club and Costco locally as to conserve San Diego county resources - we're shopping for the neighbors as well as ourselves - and then we will make the trek back through burned hills and homes to our home. Our lucky, still-standing home.

And I will use some of our precious bottled water to water my garden and herbs. And I will turn the kitty loose and let him run around and play and get all dirty. Yes, he will track ash in the house, but he's been cooped up in a hotel room for six days; he's entitled. And, we will join in an effort with our neighbors to clean up and restore our neighborhood and yards with tractors and shovels and plenty of sweat. There is rice, canned soup, and sandwiches in our futures. There is beer and sitting around the bonfire at night sharing stories, too.

And I still wouldn't live anywhere else.