Thursday, October 25, 2007

Evacuation Update.

Here we are, day 5 of evacuation. We're still keeping touch with the neighbors and coworkers, but we are still not allowed to return to our house in Ramona.

The kitty is getting restless. He's torn up the toilet paper roll and laundry bag and he's knocking things off of tables. Poor guy is used to having the whole neighborhood to roam and now he's confined to about 300 sq ft.

We spend our day searching for San Diego news in Orange County. Luckily, we are able to get the San Diego AM news station. We also continue to network with friends and neighbors. We're also making plans on what to do before we're allowed to return to our home - like buy a generator, water, and groceries for the neighbors who stayed. And, we're planning the clean up effort. All of the neighbors are going to chip in and we will get everyone's yards cleaned out and plants trimmed or taken out as necessary. Then, there's the house. Will the carpet ever be the same? Have to worry about that later.

Keep the good energy coming.