Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dear Oil Companies,

Just for the record, the early time change has no impact on oil refining capability. I'm sorry you think the American people are stupid enough to swallow that.

I heard a spokeswoman for the oil companies on NPR yesterday morning. She said that one of the reason oil prices are rising is that the time change caused spring to come 3 week early this year, and this caused the refineries to have to go to summer blend earlier than expected.

Helloooo! The time change has nothing to do with the weather or the first day of spring. This was the LAMEST excuse I ever heard! Ok, in fairness, it was one of three reasons she gave, but just having it listed as a reason was stupid. Stupid Stupid Stupid.

My next car will be an electric car and I will charge it using the solar panels mounted on the roof of my house!!! So mote it be!