Sunday, August 19, 2012

Programming, Nightmares, and Cats

I woke up with a start at 7:30 AM from a weird dream. I was late getting into this office where I worked for some psychologist and I was totally screwing up making coffee for him and the guy he was meeting that morning. Everything was a mess because my family had used the break room the night before for a party. In the dream it was my family. In reality, it's my ex's family. I love them, but haven't really been active with them for twelve years so so. For some reason, the failure of making coffee for this guy startled me awake. So much for sleeping in on a Sunday!

So, before coffee, I came in here to my office to check on Isa, my almost-3-year-old tabby cat. She has sequestered herself in my office to avoid the 7-week-old terror, Mufasa. When I entered, Isa was looking for sunshine, so I opened the blinds and laid a towel out on my MacBook Pro so she could lay on it, as that's where the sun was most direct. After all, kitties are solar powered.

And, since I'm awake, I decided I may as well hit the programming tutorial, again. It's the one from University of Waterloo, Computer Science Circles ( And, no, I don't get any endorsements from them. I just think they're awesome.

I'm finding that if I don't *think* too much about what I'm doing, and go with my gut, then I get the answers right. If I try to reason out the answer or think on it too much, I get it wrong. I'm not quite sure what this means, yet, as I've always thought computer programming was a frontal lobe thing. But, I'm on lesson 3 and things have been "intuitive" so far.

Meanwhile, I've had time to go make coffee and escort Isa to her cat door so she can go outside and catch lizards and stalk birds. Little Mufasa got hissed at by her, but he doesn't care. He bounced around my feet all of the way back to the office and is now attacking my feet. So much for concentration. Such is the life of a kitty mommy.