Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sabbatical Day 2

This trip has done wonders for my creativity.  This morning I drafted a quick mini book:  A Lady's Guide to Rustic Bathing (Good for Guys, Too!).  I also got about 4,200 words of my NaNoWriMo book written.  The minimal distractions in this little cabin helps.

My intention yesterday was to sketch Joshua Trees in the park, but it was just too cold.  Instead, I drove the main road to see the sights.  What used to be the Joshua Tree Forest is now a sparsely populated wasteland compared to what it used to be.  Climate change is driving the plants farther north in the park.  I saw several hulks fallen over from fire. The beauty of the area remains.  The trees have migrated in great number to the more populated areas of the park.

So, I deviated from the beaten path and took Big Horn Pass Rd, which is all dirt, to the end where the trailhead begins.  Blessed solitude.  It was so quiet out there that I could hear my heart beat in my ears.  I hiked a wash and looked for critter tracks; a hobby of mine.  I found several great specimens, the video of which is coming soon!

Just as I was reaching the end of the distinguishable wash, it began to snow.just flurries, but it was coming down pretty good for a few minutes.  That was my queue to hike back.

Today is dedicated to more writing and sketching.  And, helping a dear friend hook her  we printer up to her computer.  Hee   Hee.