Monday, November 12, 2012

Sabbatical Day 3

What started off as sketches evolved into watercolor paintings.  One is on sketch paper and is the most beautiful mess I have ever created.  The light, dry winds today will make the dry times between applications very short.  That's wonderful because it means I can move between paintings quickly.  But, it also has its challenges. I have to work wet-on-wet most of the time.  The dry, thirsty paper and the dry, wispy air make a challenging combination when attempting to achieve just the right hue or a continuous look.

I spent more time than planned at my friend's house, but it was worth every minute.  The visit could easily have evolved into a slumber party, and would have had I not made promises to myself.  Next time, my friend!

The stars.  The Milky Way.  All were bright and clear, as they always are out here.  It is so easy to distinguish the colors of one or another. You cannot help but contemplate that it is ancient light hitting your eyes from a far away nuclear powerhouse, or from a grouping of such powerful beings. But, it was too cold to linger.  I climbed into the loft and mummied myself up in my oh, so reliable sleeping bag and slept.

Today will mostly be spent at the cabin writing, sketching, painting, and maybe even working on my little video of desert critter tracks.  Who knows?  It's early and the full potential of the day is ahead.